Fisher Price Rainforest Playmat

SKU: S1570
Fisher Price Rainforest Playmat
Fisher Price Rainforest Playmat
Fisher Price Rainforest Playmat
Fisher Price Rainforest Playmat

Fisher Price Rainforest Playmat

SKU: S1570
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Add a dash of adventure to your newborn’s early years. With Fisher-Price Rainforest Musical Tummy Fun Playmat, turn your baby’s tummy-time into an exotic adventure- every single time. Introduce your tiny-tot to the hidden wonders of the jungle- the adorable looking leopard, elephant, zebra and their other buddies will transport your infant into a magical world. The rich, bright colours on the playmat are sure to capture your baby’s imagination while providing necessary visual stimulation. This soft, snuggly playmat comes with a bolster and an activity wedge that is complete with a mirror and repositionable toys.The playmat provides many attractive options to make for hours of engaging play. This must-have infant-toy weighs 1200 g and is ideal for the age group of 0-18 months.

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