Our Story

Creating a Platform for Preloved Treasures. Nurturing the Future, One Preloved Product at a Time

Welcome to As They Grow, a platform born out of the passion for sustainable parenting and the joy of passing on cherished items. Our founders, Ankita Inani and Ritu Kabra, set out on a mission to create a unique marketplace for preloved baby products in India. The concept behind As They Grow originated from the rich tradition of hand-me-downs, which represents a bundle of love and memories.

Driven by their shared vision, Ankita and Ritu embarked on the journey of creating As They Grow. Their aim was to provide a convenient, reliable, and trustworthy platform where parents could buy and sell preloved baby products with ease. By doing so, they wanted to contribute to the sustainable circulation of these items and promote a more environmentally conscious approach to parenting.

At As They Grow, we are committed to curating a diverse collection of preloved baby products, ensuring that each item meets our strict quality standards. Our platform aims to be a trusted space where families can find preloved treasures that are still in excellent condition, ready to be loved and cherished by a new family.

Join us on our mission to sustainably circulate and keep quality products in use for as long as possible.