Kiddery Maia Baby Cradle

SKU: S1935
Kiddery Maia Baby Cradle
Kiddery Maia Baby Cradle
Kiddery Maia Baby Cradle
Kiddery Maia Baby Cradle
Kiddery Maia Baby Cradle
Kiddery Maia Baby Cradle
Kiddery Maia Baby Cradle
Kiddery Maia Baby Cradle

Kiddery Maia Baby Cradle

SKU: S1935
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  • New Improved Mattress Design: The Kiddery Maia cradle features a new and improved mattress design that ensures optimal comfort for your baby. The mattress is specifically designed to provide a supportive yet gentle surface for your baby to sleep or relax on.
  • Mosquito Protection Net: One of the standout features of the Kiddery Maia cradle is the built-in mosquito protection net. This netting helps to keep pesky mosquitoes and other insects away from your baby, providing a safe and comfortable environment.
  • Smooth Swing: The cradle is equipped with a smooth swinging mechanism that helps to soothe and calm your baby. The gentle rocking motion mimics the sensation of being in a mother's arms, which can help lull your baby to sleep or provide comfort when they're awake.
  • All Wheel Lock: The Kiddery Maia cradle is designed with convenience in mind. It features an all-wheel lock system that allows you to easily lock the cradle in place when needed. This feature ensures stability and safety, preventing any accidental movements when your baby is inside.
  • Palna, Jhula, Uyyala: The Kiddery Maia cradle is versatile and can be used as a palna, jhula, or uyyala, depending on your preference or cultural traditions. This flexibility allows you to adapt the cradle to your specific needs and traditions.
  • Suitable for 0-8 Months: The cradle is designed to accommodate babies from newborns up to 8 months old. This means that you can use the Kiddery Maia cradle for an extended period, providing a comfortable and secure sleeping and resting space for your baby as they grow.
  • Blue Color: The Kiddery Maia cradle comes in a beautiful blue color, adding a touch of style and elegance to your nursery or any room where you choose to place it. The vibrant blue color is visually appealing and complements various decor themes.

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